Baby Loss Awareness

Baby Loss Awareness

9th – 15th October 2017

Today marks the start of Baby Loss awareness week with more than 40 charities joining together to raise awareness.

To learn more about the wonderful work being done by charities to educate, council and care check out their website click here.

WEB forget me not BLUE pink



With this topic affecting so many of us either directly ourselves or close friends and family it is important we all do our best to help and support those in our communities going through these difficult times.

We all grieve in different ways and there is no right of wrong way.  Some wish to keep it private others need to talk.  Letting others know we are open to listen or talk with them or even that we just understand can be a huge comfort.  One way to show this can be by wearing the official badge click here, other ways include sharing on social media and updating profiles with frames themed for this week #babyloss.

At Jilly Mac we are inspired by raising awareness and we have selling a limited edition Forget Me Not brooch inspired by this wonderful cause.  We have tweeked the colours we use for our classic Forget Me Not brooches in remembrance of a loved one.  All our brooches are hand crafted, they are all hand cut and sewn to our unique design by our studio.


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