CLEANING REBEL: from MICRO hazardous to MICRO spotless


from MICRO hazardous to MICRO spotless

We all know that dreaded sound “pop” as something exploded inside our microwave, and my house is no exception.   With a family of four rushing around trying to ensure everyone’s dinner requirements are met we often forget or miss stopping the microwave at that crucial moment between cooked just right leading to “pop. ”   Most frequently its passata sauce splatting onto every side of our well used machine.

microwave dirt to clean

For those of you that know me know I would rather be designing, making, mending or putting the world to rights with friends, CLEANING is not my favourite chore.  It is the necessary evil to being a grown-up that I aim to outsource at my earliest possible opportunity.

So let’s just call this domestic challenge a problem solving of to how to clean in a  healthier natural way. And what I mean by that is without the harsh chemicals and yuk, the ingredients that deplete our immune systems and reduce our lung functions.

With so many pollutants harsh chemicals where to start.   The resources I used are noted below.  The internet and books are a great place to find natural cleaning tips and tricks.  I found alot of information in American units so I have adapted to suit and also to make easy to convert to your desired recepticle size. Hope you find it great too.

microwave cleaning

My Recipe (per 100ml)

2 parts water

1 part white vinegar

6 drops essential oil (doTerra on Guard & Lemon Essential Oils)


Combine all ingredients in a spray bottle of your choice shake then spray to area that requires cleaning. Wipe with a damp cloth to remove dirt.

TOP TIP: prior to cleaning the microwave I recommend adding a bowl with warm water and switch on for  around 3 minutes to loosen tough baked on grime.

We would love to know how you clean what you use and any recommendation.


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