Yoga start to the day

So this happened

Before 9am I have completed a beginners 20min session of yoga. Okay so to many this is not unusually but for those of you that know we well you will know that it is.

Since having kids 9years ago I have not got my exercise groove on again the most I exercise is walking my kids to and from school, albeit power walking.

Before this morning my last yoga experience was a disaster. A friend suggested I try her class and this was when my daughter was a toddler shes nine now for time perspective, at this point getting back into shape after having a child was key and I was looking for a form of exercise. It was the first time I had failed to complete an exercise class. As a child I attended tap modern, ballet, stage and disco dancing classes YES all at one I was that child, so to me trying a new form of exercise what a expected to be a great experience I loved experiencing body combat, kick boxing and body pump although gotta say that one I didnt find for me. Yoga had been a terrible experience one I didnt want to re-live in a hurry all those years ago, I remember being in a room full of men and women all twisting and bending like pretzels and my lack of strength very much showed in not being able to contort and twist in the same way and hold a pose without toppling over. To have to sit and wait out a position was so embarrassing, perhaps to was an advanced class I am not certain but not being able to keen up certainly was not my kind of class.

So what changed ?

I met several people the inspired me to look again at yoga, first was a little girl who spoke with such love and enthusiasm for the practice of yoga and told me how she had learned by watching youtube and from this her passion grew. Second were many people with whom I work mentioning starting the day this way, teaching others and it gave me the nagging feeling I must try this again.

Yoga Collection by doTerra


Another thing I did to encourage myself to get into the yoga groove is to use my free doterra points on “the yoga collection” by the lovely Elena Bowers. The steading, centering and enlightening blends she helped create are beautiful and I especially can’t wait to use Arise (Enlightening blend) with its uplifting scents of lemon, grapefruit, osmanthus flower to name a few. So my own homework so to speak is to research how the 3 blends are used in the practise of yoga and to work towards trying this.

yoga you tube

Where to start

After my class experience all those years ago there was no way I was going to try a class at least not to start with, so on taking the advice of a child no more that ten YES a child can be very wise (but be selective 😉 .) I searched youtube with “yoga beginner” and found one of the names the little girl recommended.

I am glad I did

I enjoyed the ladies approach and everything was straight forward and felt very duplicatable. Her style suited me, you know with some characters you just gel really well or you don’t, here I could definitely follow her style and enjoy her approach and method.

What’s next ?

I love to challenge myself and I have decided to duplicate this morning for the next week and then look for the next step in learning more about yoga. Wish me luck.

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