Venting is healthy ?

Do you vent? 🤔💕🤔
In Dale Carnegies famous book he writes of a president that wrote venomous angry letters that he never mailed…
To express in a healthy and cathartic way his feelings..
In his wisdom he knew that if mailed his letter it could spark a resentment that could last decades and simply he chose not to mail it..

Have you ever wished you had taken this approach ? I’m not saying it’s right for every situation but there are many I’m sure you agreed it would help with and allow release of anger without an aftermath of troubles or resentment. Just be sure your venting ina positive and not a negative way read more in this article.

It’s normal and healthy to express emotions… however the way we express them we can be smart about. So whether you have a trusted friend or a letter pick wisely.

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love Jilly xxx

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