Reducing caffeine intake is a goal for many people.  The benefits are said to include better sleep, improved mood, reduction in anxiety.  With so many benefits to reducing caffeine we may ask ourselves why is it that we drink so much coffee ?


With so many benefits to reducing caffeine we may ask ourselves why is it that we drink so much coffee ?

For me I first started to drink coffee in the work place around 2002 and it was common place to drink either tea or coffee.  In an office it really is a limited choice one caffeine option or another is the status quo.  Before I drank coffee or tea I probably would have opted for water or juice a much healthier option. 


These days the trend of coffee shops really is prominent by the view of every high street hosting at least 3 chains coffee shops.  They are even housed in department stores, garden centre and more.  You certainly cant go far without seeing a coffee shop and the availability and temptation is huge.  However so is the price you could easily pay £3 or £4 for a cup of Joe. 

Where did the trend start ? I remember watching the popular series Friends and the featured hang out for the show was "central perk" coffee shop.  Whether it was the trendy image of the young and fashionable supping a cup of coffee or the desire to move away from the traditional "teas room"  where you would often find a lace table cloth and china teapot which conjures up images of Miss Marple sitting taking afternoon tea,  coffee popularity appears to be ontrend for the near future.

tradional tea

When I first tasted coffee I don't remember liking it far from it, it wasn't unpleasant but not my first choice.  It was just what was expected "the norm."   After a time I got used to it and make a coffee of a round of drinks became a habit a easy way to divide up the working day and take a few minutes break.

I felt my caffeine intake maybe a little high over a year ago.  The number of caffeinated drinks I typically would consume I approximate to be 6 or 7.   One day I had a headache which is uncommon for me and I did the usual things to resolve it drinking lots of water, eating food and that didnt resolve it.  I avoided caffeine as first as I felt this maybe the last thing to resolve the headache.

Finally it clicked ….. perhaps the headache was from caffeine withdrawal as I had not had any coffee that morning and normally I would have drank at least 3 mugs.

Now for the science bit

Exerts from a NHS article April 2017

Following reviewing media article centering around a study on the effects on caffeine here are exerts from a NHS article April 2017.

 Based on ≤400mg/day in adults (about 4 cups of coffee per day) and reduced amounts for adolescences and pregnant women.

“Cardiovascular 400mg/day of caffeine is not associated with significant concern for cardiovascular mortality. “

“Bone and calcium Most of the data supports that 400mg/day in healthy adults is not harmful with respect to bone mineral density and osteoporosis.”

“Human behavior 400mg/day can lead to increases in measures of anxiety, sleep problems and may increase the chance of getting a headache.”

“Consumption of coffee led to delays in getting to sleep and decreases in quality of sleep. Caffeine intake did not influence anger, depression or confusion.” 


Further reading


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Day 2

3x Caff free coffee substitute

1 x Coffee @ 11am

1x Coffee @ 4pm


Sleep - Easy to get to sleep and felt a very deep sleep.

Day 3

3x Caff free coffee substitute

1 x Coffee @ 9.30am

1x Coffee @ 2pm

1x Coffee @ 4pm


Sleep - tbc