What is a probiotic ? 

It is the good bacteria in our body or more eloquently put :

"Denoting a substance which stimulates the growth of micro organisms, especially those with beneficial properties (such as those of the intestinal flora)."                                                

Oxford Dictionary (

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To fully understand the importance of "probiotic" lets first look at bacteria, most of us know have heard of bacterial infections and may consider bacteria as negative however this is far from the case.  Our body contain countless good and bad bacteria, for many they have a higher proportion of bad bacteria which is not beneficial for optimum health and wellness.   

Good Bacteria helps our bodies to break down food and absorb nutrients effectively and most of our bad bacteria is often dormant and causes us no harm where we have a higher proportion of good bacteria.   If we have a higher proportion of bad/pathogenic bacteria this is where it may have negative health effects and become harmful and can /cause us ill health sickness and infection.  It is true to say that no bacteria is inherently good or bad and in an out of balance body what once was a dormant or good bacteria could multiply and causes problems within our body.  

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 There are many reasons that out body can become out of balance such as :-

  • stress
  • lack of sleep
  • food not properly prepared
  • environmental toxins
  • antibiotics
Probiotic you may have heard of being called "good bacteria" or "friendly bacteria," this is the type we wish to thrive in our body to keep it at is best and to support our overall preventative health.  With this being more widely known and understood in more recent years we have seen consumer trends of yoghurt drinks, you may yourself have even tried them.  In truth these drinks whilst have some nutritional support only provide a small number of good bacteria.

You don't need to be an expert to improve your digestive health

Here is a short video about digestive health.  It is explained well with out too much jargon. Video: Digestive Health also available on You Tube 


Ways to make a difference in your digestive health

Make at home probiotic support

Increase your good bacteria naturally and learn to make your own at home to improve and support your overall health.

Introduce good bacteria through your diet

Kefir  is a fermented milk drink with a sour taste, made using a culture of yeasts and bacteria.  It is an amazing away to introduce good bacteria to our body in a high quantity.  

READ MORE     More about the health benefit from the BBC Food page.

How to make your own

Take a look at how to make it.  CLICK HERE to view on You Tube.


Ready to use alternatives 

There are many products and vitamins on the market however many of these are not food soluble but luckily the good ones are..... Here are just a few that are highly tested and a wonderful support to our preventative health.
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With so many options available best wishes on your fact finding and on finding better health for your today and tomorrow.   

All the best

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